More About Me

Raised between Hilo and Waimea, Nalani's connection to and knowledge of the Big Island goes beyond just Real Estate. After going away to college and obtaining a degree in Business from the University of Southern California, Nalani returned home with a deeper sense of appreciation for the Big Island.

Reared by parents who have 60+ years of combined experience in Construction, Nalani has an inborn knack for discerning great real estate; her experience working for a General Contractor who caters to high-end clients around the island helped Nalani further develop and hone in on those talents. Nalani's comprehensive college courses prepared her for the everyday communications, negotiations and strategies involved in the world of Real Estate, and her experience promoting luxury properties from around the world on social media makes her a trusted source for attracting international attention to her clients’ luxury homes.

What truly sets Nalani apart is not only the deep understanding of what makes a property unique and valuable, but also her unwavering determination to know her market as well as the back of her hand. Her passion for showcasing the aspects that make every piece of real estate "a true gem" makes her a force to reckon with in the industry.

Outside of Real Estate, Nalani moonlights as a Host on Big Island Television. She is also passionate about being an active part of the community through supporting local nonprofits, entrepreneurs, and affordable housing efforts. Off duty, Nalani loves traveling. She has a deep love for exploring unfamiliar places while meeting new people, enjoying the local fare, and learning about the history & culture of the places she visits. And when she isn't working or traveling, Nalani is probably going "holoholo" around the island, spending time with loved ones, working out at the gym, wining & dining, cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs, watching UFC, reading, catching a movie at the cinema, hiking, singing & dancing to Big Band music, shopping at Costco, or enjoying a game night in.